Flyco signs training agreement with Blue Panorama Airlines

August 25, 2017

Fiumicino, Italy-based Blue Panorama Airlines has entered into a long-term training service agreement with Flyco Group.

As part of the agreement, Blue Panorama’s training department will gain full access to Flyco’s Advanced Learning Management System (A-LMS) including a bespoke courseware library fully customised to the carrier’s requirements.

The library will consist of courses for pilots, cabin crew members, dispatchers, technicians, managers, handling personnel, loadmasters and ground personnel.

Blue Panorama’s training department personnel will be able to create reports and obtain crew certificates utilising the reports system Flyco’s LMS provides. Admin training personnel will have access to functions such as the Assessment Creation Center (ACC), Advanced Report Server (ARS) and Licence Auto-Track (LAT), and are free to create their own training content as well as obtaining valuable data on crew training performance.

Meanwhile, Blue Panorama’s trainees will have the option of accessing courses remotely using the ‘FlyPad’ mobile application, which offers offline training where no internet connection is available.

Flyco’s LMS and courseware has already been fully approved by the Civil Aviation Agency of Italy. It’s system and courses are prepared in strict compliance and guidance with regulatory authorities such as EASA, ICAO, IATA and the FAA.

Flyco signs long-term agreement with Croatia’s Trade Air

Flyco Group has signed a long-term agreement with Trade Air, a passenger and cargo charter airline headquartered in Zagreb and based at Zagreb Airport in Croatia.

The agreement will see Trade Air’s training department gain full access to Flyco’s courses for pilots, cabin crew, technicians, dispatchers, handling and ground personnel, loadmasters and managers. This includes Flyco’s A320 Type Rating courseware for both pilots and cabin crew


The system and the courseware provided by Flyco is fully compliant with regulatory authorities including the Croatian Civil Aviation Authority as well as the FAA, EASA, ICAO and IATA.

Flyco Group to Supply E-Learning for Aerocardal

Monday 4th April 2016

Flyco Group has signed an agreement with Chile-based airline company Aerocardal, to provide training for their crew.

All courses provided as part of this agreement will be available via PC, Mac, iPhones, iPads and Android devices which will allow Aerocardal's crew members with the ability to complete their training both online and offline. The sophisticated administrator panel that Flyco's LMS offer, will make sure that the crew certificate expiry dates are closely monitored by the company's Crew Training Department.

Aerocardal is an airline based in Santiago, Chile.It operates international and domestic passenger charter services, as well as medical services. Its main base is Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport, Santiago.

Flyco Group Expand Their Presence in Poland by Signing AMC Executive

Wednesday 13th April 2016

Flyco Group continues to grow by recently adding a new airliner to their book of clients. The UK-based group announced that they will be providing e-learning solutions to AMC Aviation of Poland for their crew members.

"Our decision in developing and switching to a completely new system has proved to be the right one since we have been receiving strong interest from many airliners around the world today. We believe that the reason behind this interest is the easy-use functions for both the admin and the user panels and the full customisability that our systems offer to satisfy the company specific requests of different airliners," said the present chief executive of the Group Mr. Erdin.

AMC Executive is a fully privately owned business jet airline founded and developed by its current owners. Based in Poland, the airline currently serves clients of various destinations around Europe as well as providing aircraft management and maintenance services. With the recent delivery of their first brand-new flagship Gulfstream G280, the company has decided to switch to Flyco Group as a recognition of the high level of service and efficiency.

Silk Way Aviation Chooses Flyco Training Solutions

Tuesday 2nd February 2016

Flyco Training Solutions Group has signed a long-term service agreement with the biggest business aviation company in Azerbajan, Silk Way Business Aviation.

Flyco TS will be providing pilot and cabin crew member training along with FlyCo TS Learning Management System and Courseware. All courses provided as part of this agreeent will be available to Silk Way BA via PC's, Mac, iPhones, iPads and Android device which will provide Silk Way BA crew members with the ability to complete their training online or offline.

Flyco Group Signs Further Agreement with Pegasus Airlines

Flyco Training Solutions has signed an additional agreement with Pegasus Airlines to fully customise their type-related courseware for the airlines specific requirements.

"Our platform allows us to tailor the courses according to our customer's needs and requirements. This flexibility of our system also allows our customers to create more detailed and personalised reports. By doing so, they obtain a more in-depth knowledge about their crew's training, address their knowledge gaps more efficiently and follow the certification expiry dates more closely for their crew," commented Mr. Ergin Erdin, presently heading the Group's Commercial Department.

DOT LT Chooses Flyco Training Solutions for E-Learning Training

Flyco Group has recently signed a long term agreement to offer e-learning training services for DOT LT for their flight personnel. The airline will also be benefiting from the type rating courseware that Flyco offers.

Flyco TS Group will be providing DOT LT with their all new user-friendly platform enabling their flight crew to be able to train both online and offline, meanwhile allowing the administrators to closely monitor their progress, send out notifications and easily track certificate expiry dates.

"The implementation of the new system has so far been a success and we will continue working on further upgrades by adding more interesting functions. We are a company that embraces the idea of innovation to be able to satisfy the needs of our customers," commented Mr. Orcun Sufraci, chief technology officer, Flyco Group.

DOT LT is an airline from Lithuania, established in 2003 that offers worldwide ACMI services using a fleet of passenger and cargo aircraft.

Flyco & Azerbaijan Airlines Sign eLearning Agreement

Flyco Training Solutions Group has signed an elearning services agreement with Azerbaijan Airlines to provide computer based training for their pilots and cabin crew.

Flyco Training Solutions Group will be providing all the elearning services to Azerbaijan Airlines (Azal Air) exclusively, concluding a long term agreement. Flyco has recently moved their headquarters to London, UK, while also maintaining their presence around the globe with offices in Turkey, Germany and USA.

"We are continuing to grow steadily as a Group with more and more presence in Europe, as well as maintaining our long lasting business relationships with our existing clients in the other regions of the world," said Mr. Ergin Erdin, presently heading the Flyco sales team.

Flyco Group Signs Contract with FMI Air

Flyco Group has signed a long-term contract with FMI Air to provide eLearning solutions and services.

Flyco Group has recently announced that they have upgraded their eLearning platform and added interesting functions both to the user and administration panels. The new system aims to provide a user-friendly experience, while easing the workload of the administrators by providing knowledge gaps, full records support, crew qualification alerts and automated certificate generation system.

FMI Air is a charter and scheduled airline based in Yangon, Myanmar. It provides scheduled air services to Myanmar's capital Naypyidaw with 19 flights per week. It also offers charter flights to 20 destinations within Myanmar.